The Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 19, and it will be hosted inside one of the most representative buildings of Perugia: the Palazzo dei Priori (the seat of the first citizens).

The structure, built in the 13th Century, stands out at the heart of the city, where the main artery of medieval Perugia, Corso Vannucci, enters the city’s main square – Piazza IV Novembre. A grand entrance portal was later added to the piazza façade, together with the arcaded loggia, where decrees were publicly read. The grand portal in the Piazza is surmounted by the city’s symbols, the griffin of Perugia and the Imperial Guelf lion.

From a grand entrance portal, hosts will be lead to an austere vaulted undercroft and stairs conducing to the vaulted frescoed Sala dei Notari: here – at the heart of Perugia history – we will be celebrating the Opening of the Nesa Days International Congress 2018!

The Welcome Cocktail will start at 6:00 pm. Please, don’t forget to bring your Registration Card with you!


On Friday, April 20, the day will end with a visit to the St. Francis Chapel for a pleasant concert that will lead you to a moment of meditation.

The St. Francis Chapel Choir moved its first steps in 1230, when brother Giuliano Da Spira was called to compose a song in honor of Saint Francis. Then, throughout centuries, it has been enriched by the contribution of numerous masters of Sacred Music such as brother Ruffino Bartolucci of Assisi, father Alessandro Borroni (the author of “Tota pulchra”) and father Domenico Stella (1881-1956), the author of the worldwide famous Hymn to Brother Sun – Canticle of the Creatures.

A cocktail will be served at 6:30 pm at the Congress Venue; around 7:30 pm, transfer will be provided to Assisi and return. The concert will start at 8:30 pm until around 10:00 pm.   

Book your participation to the Concert when you register!