The Best Apps for Surgeons

As there now exists an app for everything, how can one miss to address the needs of the medical profession. Technology has not only benefited the field of medicine and surgery by providing advanced instruments but also serves the relevant personnel through dedicated apps. Here we list a few good apps that best suit surgeons. You can also use these apps while having your VPN activated, as your VPN hide from ISP your location, and also allows you to bypass georestriction.


MedScape is one of the must-have apps for surgeons. This medical app boasts a plethora of incredible features to meet the needs of a medical professional. It provides first-hand news, announcements, and information from the FDA. It also addresses questions that you may potentially receive from your patients. The app also supports offline availability to ensure uninterrupted access to the information. Powered by WebMD, MedScape comes as a free app for the users.

AO Surgery Reference

AO Foundation has introduced this app as support for orthopedic surgeons. The app serves as an immediate comprehensive reference for the surgeries. AO Surgery Reference covers in detail about various orthopedic problems, such as fractures, and their treatments (especially surgeries) alongside procedures.


Doximity is a wonderful medical app meant for improving connections between healthcare professionals. The app also enables surgeons to quickly communicate with each other and share information with colleagues. This medical app supports sending and receiving HIPAA compliant fax and messages, and to sign digital documents. The healthcare professionals, through this app, can share views with each other, access news, earn CMEs, and know of potential career opportunities.


MedXCom is an intelligent app for surgeons facing problems with answering services. This app, leveraging the power of automatic answering to a live operator, makes sure that the information is transmitted to the right surgeon. It is a HIPAA compliant medical app that sorts out non-urgent calls from the urgent ones, as it forwards the urgent calls to the respective surgeon.

DynaMed Plus

Another medical reference source for the surgeons as well as other medical practitioners is DynaMed Plus. This app provides updated and authentic information that facilitates in making clinical decisions. The app provides the content in a direct and precise manner, thus enabling the user to search the desired information quickly. DynaMed Plus not only provides medical information but also offers detailed drug information sourced from the Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite. This app comes in both free (for institutional access) and paid versions.